Meet Jewel

Jewel launched her career as a professional coach in the mid-90’s when she co-founded and led The Women’s Leadership Program in the San Francisco Bay Area. This program combined both retreat seminars and one-on-one coaching. The program brought women from all walks of life into an environment where they discovered how to increase their level of personal success while bringing greater balance and joy to their lives. This unique program defined what it means to be a woman leader and was designed to cultivate women’s unique capacities to lead.


From this starting point, Jewel has coached hundreds of women and men over the last 25 years. Her commitment is to support her clients in finding their heart’s desire for a life that is both successful and fulfilling and then designing a clear pathway to making it real. 


Jewel describes her relationship with her clients as coach, guide and mentor.  Her clients benefit from her ability to listen deeply and attentively in a way that encourages a truer and more elevated expression of themselves. Jewel endeavors to bring a compassionate heart and a rigorous commitment to the fulfillment of her client’s goals. The result is not only an inspired vision of the future, but also clear and practical guidance along the pathway to manifesting that vision.


Jewel has done deep work in the arena of intimate relationships and takes pride in helping singles and couples find greater connection, more fun and more happiness together in a world that sometimes makes the terrain of relationships both confusing and frustrating. Using her life as a laboratory, Jewel has explored different relationship paradigms and enjoys sharing the fruits of her learning with her clients.

A University of Virginia graduate, Jewel has also completed extensive courses of study through a number of organizations including: The Coaches Training Institute, Landmark Education, More University, The Miracle of Love Intensive and Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation Therapy. Jewel has also studied and used the Enneagram with her clients as a vehicle for greater self-awareness.  

In addition to her work as success and fulfillment coach, Jewel has designed and led numerous workshops and seminars designed to support participants in bringing forth the best expression of themselves.