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About Jewel

My Story

My journey began in my late 20’s when I went through a marriage and divorce over a two year period.  This was a painful and challenging time for me. During this time, I realized that I had very little understanding about who I was as a woman in relationship to a man. I also realized that I was living out dreams that didn’t truly belong to me and this created an enormous amount of disappointment, upset and confusion for myself, my family and everyone involved in my life at that time. 

While I was trying to recover myself from the mess I had created, I was unexpectedly offered an opportunity to move from New York City to San Francisco through my employer. Living in this new world on the west coast, I started to come to terms with myself — including my regret and remorse — and immersed myself in programs and courses of study that woke me up to becoming more responsible for my choices as well as increasing my understanding my more unconscious motivations.  Through this process of self-discovery, I began to access to a clearer vision for my life and how I wanted to serve others. I also came to understand and appreciate my unique gifts and talents. This discovery process led me to wanting to offer others a way to have their lives be a clearer reflection of their own heart’s desire.

One of my greatest learnings came from a community of people who made it their mission and purpose to research the fundamental underlying truths about women and men. It was a revelation to me to discover that women and men have very different “operating systems” and that these differences determine how we relate to the world and to each other. These discoveries were life changing and provided the foundation from which I have been able to create joyful and inspiring relationships for the last 30 years. It is an honor for me to be able to offer these teachings to my clients. 

My Commitment

My commitment is to support my clients in finding their heart’s desire for a life that is both successful and fulfilling and to design a clear pathway to making it real. I bring a compassionate heart and a rigorous commitment to the fulfillment of my client’s dreams, visions and goals.


Coach, Guide and Mentor

I am a coach, guide and mentor. My clients benefit from my ability to listen deeply and attentively in a way that encourages a truer and more fulfilling expression of themselves. My clients benefit not only from having an inspired vision of the future, but also from clear and practical guidance along the pathway to manifesting that vision.


My Passion for Relationships

We live in a world that can make navigating relationships confusing and frustrating and challenging. This is particularly true in the relationship dance between women and men. From my extensive work in the area of intimate relationships, I take pride in helping singles and couples find greater connection and more happiness together. In my own life over the last 30 years, I have embraced both monogamous as well as open relationship paradigms. It is my great pleasure to be able to benefit my clients with the fruits of my learning. 


I have successfully coached hundreds of women and men over the last 25 years. I have completed extensive courses of study through a variety of organizations including: The Coaches Training Institute, Landmark Education, More University, The Miracle of Love Intensive and Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation Therapy. I have also studied and used The Enneagram with my clients as a vehicle for greater self-awareness and transformation.  


I have a BA from The University of Virginia in Psychology/Sociology.


In addition to individual and couples coaching, I have also designed and led numerous workshops and seminars to support participants in bringing forth the best expression of themselves in their Personal Well-being, Relationships, Creative Work and Spiritual Connection. The first program that I co-founded and led was The Women’s Leadership Program in the San Francisco Bay Area. This program combined both retreat-style seminars as well as individual coaching sessions. The program brought women from all walks of life into an environment where they discovered how to increase their level of personal success while bringing greater balance and joy to their lives. I have also delivered numerous workshops designed to support women and men in having happy, healthy relationships.

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