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Life Coaching

“Vision without action is merely a dream.

 Action without vision just passes the time. 

Vision with action can change the world.”


- Joel A. Barker

Living life up to your full potential is an ongoing challenge. Whether you are advancing your career, building a relationship, creating visionary art or raising children, these large endeavors can be fraught with difficulties. Without support, most of us will give up in frustration or choose to scale back our personal vision to something that we believe we can more easily achieve. This level of compromise can leave us feeling disempowered, uninspired and full of doubt.


As your Life Coach, I am committed to the fulfillment of your personal vision — your true heart’s desire.  I am not here to give you answers or provide advice.  My job is ask the right questions while standing with you to bring forth the fulfillment you are seeking in your personal, professional or creative life.


Together we will:


  • Clarify and formulate your vision for the success and fulfillment that are rightfully yours.

  • Identify and release belief systems that are between you  and achieving your vision.

  • Develop a relationship of integrity with yourself and your word.

  • Set goals that are measurable and achievable at a pace that is natural for you.

  • Identify and maximize your strengths as well as recognize and transform weaknesses.

  • Learn how to create a healthy balance between various competing commitments.

  • Cultivate leadership skills by learning how to inspire success in others.

“Jewel provides the perspective I need to stay focused on what’s most important for my business. She is excellent at understanding my deeper needs and motivations as well as helping me to clarify my vision. I don’t know where my business would be today without her ongoing support.”

- James, Entrepreneur/Consultant

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