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Relationship Coaching

for Singles & Couples

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength


while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” 


- Lao Tzu

Coaching for Couples

Being a committed couple these days is no longer a simple undertaking. We often feel like there are no rules or guideposts that serve us when the going gets tough. Our small complaints can turn into major upsets that leave us feeling disconnected, hopeless and disappointed.


How do we traverse this complicated terrain with greater ease and an open heart? How do we rest in the confidence that our desires are truly being met?  How can we bring joy and aliveness to our intimate relationships in a way that is satisfying and fulfilling for everyone involved?


In working with you as a couple we will:


  • Find new ways to increase your experience of being happy, harmonious and satisfied as a couple.

  • Understand the masculine/feminine dynamics in all your important relationships.

  • Employ a simple and elegant process that brings you into the present moment together even when you feel polarized, stagnant or hopeless.

  • Identify whether the relationship is complete in its current form and if so, making a loving transition into friendship.

  • Find ways to be more deliberate about how to increase your pleasure quotient.

  • Create pathways through which you can safely and honestly communicate thoughts and feelings that may seem too risky to speak out loud.

  • Find ways to deal with day-to-day upsets that reduce negative energy and increase understanding and compassion.

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“If you need to lay a new foundation, reinvent, disentangle or get clear about what’s next, working with Jewel will be a tremendous support to the success of your relationship and your life!”


- Marina, Registered Nurse


“Working with Jewel has helped me understand how to relate to women and to have more compassion for myself and the women in my life.”


- Jim, Health Educator

Jewel’s understanding of men and relationships continues to bless my life.” 


- Jaime, ElementaryTeacher

Coaching for Singles

Being single in today’s world can be challenging… It’s easy to feel left out or envious of other people who are coupled and seem to be having more fun. The dating scene can be frustrating and feel like a waste of your precious time.


You can feel exhausted going from one relationship to the next without ever feeling like you’ve found “the one”.  Sometimes relationships from the past that didn’t end well linger to haunt us in ways that prevent us from having the confidence and fortitude to risk getting intimately involved with someone again. 


So how do you manifest a relationship that is conscious, fulfilling and fun?


In working with you to create a fulfilling relationship we will: 


  • Create your personal vision for the relationship you truly desire.

  • Understand your relationship deal-breakers, requirements and preferences.

  • Be free of relationship entanglements from the past that may be thwarting your ability to create a truly healthy relationship now.

  • Understand the impact of your family of origin relationship blueprint.

  • Be aware of both the strengths and the weaknesses you bring into a relationship.

  • Understand how to work with the energetics of attraction.

  • Explore dating strategies to identify the approach that is most natural for you!

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